Working for future generations

NZ Environmental Management take great pride in what we do and genuinely get excited knowing that we’re making a difference that will resonate for generations to come. The following selection of our most recent projects demonstrates the variety of what we can offer our valued clients.


Ngawha Geothermal Development

NZEM have been involved in this project since the inception of the Ngawha geothermal power station in 1996. We’ve been involved in a range of scientific, technical, cultural, political and planning aspects, as required. Activities range from predevelopment and ongoing operational environmental monitoring to extensive stakeholder liaison and erosion and sediment control monitoring through the OEC4 expansion.


Biodiversity Assessment and Management for Mangamuka Gorge Slip Repairs

In August 2022, the Mangamuka Gorge was closed due to extensive slips for the second time in two years and in December 2022, $100m of funding was secured for the Mangamuka Gorge Slip Repair project. NZ Environmental Management have undertaken an extensive Biodiversity Assessment to identify the ecological and biodiversity values of the land immediately surrounding the slip repairs.
We’ve then developed the Biodiversity Management Strategy, which defines the overarching approach to managing biodiversity disturbance and protection at the many slip sites throughout the project duration.



NZ Environmental Management was engaged by the Department of Conservation to create Northern North Island Freshwater Fish and Herpetofauna Biosecurity Action Plan 2023, summarising the risks to the northern region posed by pest fish. The plan identifies known and potential sites for pest species, appropriate surveillance techniques, and provides a framework for planning freshwater biosecurity priorities and netting programmes in the Northern North Island region.



Passionate about supporting innovative and sustainable business in the Far North, NZEM have been excited to offer our support to Far North Holdings’ Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park. Involved from the inception, we’ve undertaken HAIL assessment and remediation advice, baseline ecological monitoring and advised how to avoid negative impacts on the forest and wetland areas. Ongoing work includes seed collection from native species within the rohe to use in landscaping.


Twin Coast Cycle Trail (pou herenga tai) Extension

Part of the current Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycle Trail is located in the former rail corridor. Recent plans to reinstate that rail corridor have necessitated the development of a new route for the 11km section of cycle trail that’s affected.
NZ Environmental Management have been engaged to provide an ecological assessment to inform constraints and permit and consent requirements and will continue to provide biodiversity management support throughout feasibility, design and construction.


Matawii Dam Baseline Ecological Assessment

Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust have completed a 750,000m³ water storage reservoir north-east of Kaikohe that will supply water to the Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park and nearby horticulture.
NZ Environmental Management undertook baseline ecological monitoring and surveying of the stream habitat and provide ongoing environmental monitoring and reporting for periphyton and water quality.


Imerys Performance Minerals Asia Pacific

Imerys Performance Minerals Asia Pacific were interested in understanding and acknowledging the environment around them, and the flora and fauna they share their site with. NZ Environmental Management undertook a baseline ecological survey which included a vegetation and habitat survey, bird and lizard surveys, kiwi monitoring and water quality monitoring.



NZ Transport Agency engaged us to carry out a freshwater fish survey prior to maintenance works being carried out in close proximity to the Komutu Wetland on State Highway 10.

Eight fish species were recorded, including shortfin eel, longfin eel, common bully, giant bully and inanga, and recommendations were made for reducing impact on aquatic habitat.

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