Our staff have over 20 years experience working in the Northland region and South Island

We offer a wide variety of environmental services.

Ecological Assessments

A baseline ecological survey will help you identify what ecological values you have in any given area and what pest species may be present or pose a risk. Wetland assessments define the ecological values and extent of a wetland and advise on a project’s possible effects, and the remediation and mitigation of those effects. Our experienced team also offer wetland management plans that recommend opportunities for enhancement and protection, and this is where our true passion lies; taking what we have and making it better.

Environmental Management and monitoring

NZ Environmental Management have a range of environmental and construction industry backgrounds within the company and bring a unique skillset to your construction or development project. We’re passionate about helping businesses improve their environmental performance in a way that compliments their business as usual and is practical to implement. We understand project lifecycles, risk management and the challenges a project team can face.

Weed and Pest Management Plans

We are passionate about weed and pest management and support the ambitious goal set at a national level to rid New Zealand of possums, rats and stoats by 2050. Our native habitats are threatened by introduced pest plants, animals, and pathogens and diseases such as Kauri dieback disease. These threats are putting our ecology, health, culture, and regional economy at risk. Weed and pest management plans support ecological assessments and supplement planting plans to enhance, remediate, and preserve our natural environments to help them thrive.

HAIL investigations, contaminated land and waste management

NZEM are highly experienced in conducting Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) and Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) and completing Remediation Action Plans (RAP) and Site Validation Reports (SVR) on a range of historic land uses including orchards, market gardens, transport depots, and timber storage yards.

Geothermal Monitoring

NZ Environmental Management have been involved in geothermal monitoring since 1996. We understand this unique and often challenging environment and are experienced in the safety controls required for working in it. We can monitor air quality, groundwater, springs, lakes, streams, habitats, and fauna in the surrounding environment and have a network of industry experts to draw from as we need.


With a range of environmental and construction industry backgrounds within NZEM, we bring a unique skillset to your project. We can manage any project of any size, in any phase, it doesn’t need to have an environmental focus, but of course we love those projects that do! We are experienced in project feasibility, business case, project delivery, asset management, consultation, procurement and MSQA. No matter what your project needs, we can help you, tailoring our approach to suit your needs because each project is unique.


Our team have a natural passion for sustainability and pride ourselves in developing initiatives that suit our clients and who they are. Sustainability isn’t a one size fits all solution; each business and what they want to achieve is unique.

Starting a new project?

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