Environmental Management and Monitoring

NZ Environmental Management have a range of environmental and construction industry backgrounds within the company and bring a unique skillset to your construction or development project.

We’re passionate about helping businesses improve their environmental performance in a way that compliments their business as usual and is practical to implement. We understand project lifecycles, risk management and the challenges a project team can face. We regularly work with design teams at feasibility stage to help inform project risks and produce a robust concept and detailed design. With years of experience on construction sites we understand the challenges site staff face and can engage with construction crews effectively.

We have many years’ experience in writing, reviewing and auditing robust, easy-to-follow environmental and sustainability management plans. Our team ensure your management plans capture all relevant corporate information, New Zealand standards, legislation, regulations, and best practice. We ensure there is sufficient detail on what, who, when and how, to allow tasks to be easily assigned and followed and ensure the plans get implemented appropriately.

Whatever your monitoring and management needs, we will tailor a package that is designed to provide real value to your project and is easy to implement. Services include:

  • Development of site specific management plans, including environmental management plans, sustainability management plans, waste management or remediation plans, erosion and sediment control plans, water supply management plans, land use plans.
  • Induction and staff training to create buy-in to the systems and processes being implemented.
  • Onsite monitoring, auditing and reporting, whether for resource consent compliance monitoring or for your own interest. We focus on maintaining a positive relationship with staff throughout this process; we ensure the plans work for them to create better efficiency and maintain buy-in.
  • Sediment control monitoring to ensure sediment control devices are installed and operating to industry standards to reduce the environmental impact on receiving waterways during earthwork projects.

We can develop tailored training for staff across all levels of your business that support the implementation of your plans and site environmental controls to create buy-in, address concerns and challenges and support continuous improvement of your staff and refinement of your systems.

We also have a team of highly experienced Project Managers to manage any stage of a project from feasibility and design to procurement, MSQA and construction.

Starting a new project?

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