Project management

NZ Environmental Management can manage any project of any size, in any phase, it doesn’t need to have an environmental focus, but of course we love those projects that do!

No matter what your project needs, we can help you, tailoring our approach to suit your project goals. Alongside our sister company, Hoskin Civil, we bring experience in project feasibility, business case, project delivery, asset management, consultation, procurement and MSQA.

Our relationship with Northland contractors sets us apart in the world of project management. We provide a unique link between our clients and their contractors that they don’t get anywhere else. Our experience in the contracting world means we often have existing relationships with contractors, based on a strong foundation of mutual respect. We understand contractors’ challenges and talk their language, and they trust us to pave the way for them to focus on building a quality product.

With a relationship-focused management style, we get all parties moving in the same direction to deliver the project outcomes; when you get the people management right, the project management follows. Every person is backed by a large and experienced team and network of industry experts that they can draw from at any time. This ensures our clients always have the very best we can offer.

We genuinely understand and care about the needs and challenges for both our clients and our contractors. We work with everyone on the project team, at every level, to solve problems and ensure a project has the best outcome possible. We demonstrate this on every project and our clients know they can trust us every time.

Starting a new project?

If you’re starting a new project and would like to see how we can help, give us a call today.