Cale NZ Environmental

Cale Riddle

Environmental Scientist

Cale has worked for NZEM in Northland since 2006, he holds a BSc Hons (Zoology) from Otago University.

Cale is responsible for extensive environmental site monitoring and scientific reporting requirements for Ngawha Generation Ltd. He provides an independent check on compliance with resource consent but also advises on ways of maintaining and improving environmental performance. His work includes testing, measuring and monitoring water quality in geothermal springs, lakes and receiving waters and groundwater.  

Cale undertakes habitat monitoring, conducting mudfish surveys, stream flow measurements, soil and plant tissue sampling and managing data collection from a climate station and hydrogen sulphide air monitoring equipment.

Passionate about sustainability, Cale is actively involved in a project being undertaken by Ngawha Generation Limited to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the geothermal power stations.

He has strong technical skills and is experienced in field assessment, report writing, meeting facilitation and project management. He has also undertaken specialist training in geochemical analysis, sediment control monitoring methods and is certified to carry out electric fishing.