Biosecurity – Pest and Weed Management

Our native habitats are threatened by introduced pest plants, animals, fish and pathogens and diseases such as Kauri dieback disease. These threats are putting our ecology, health, culture, and regional economy at risk.

The spread of freshwater pest species numbers have increased in recent years due to illegal releases, flooding events and climate change allowing favourable breeding conditions. NZ Environmental Management have extensive experience in pest fish identification, surveillance and eradication.

NZ Environmental Management are passionate about weed and pest management and support the ambitious goal set at a national level to rid New Zealand of possums, rats and stoats by 2050.

Weed and pest management plans support ecological assessments and supplement planting plans to enhance, remediate, and preserve our natural environments to help them thrive.

A weed and pest management plan involves identifying and quantifying the pest-related problems and risks for your property, allowing us to identify priorities for animal and weed control. Once we know the extent and density of the pest problem, our staff will work with you to set overall pest and weed control goals and refine how you want to achieve them and monitor success. You can be as involved in the control activities as you’d like to be, or they can be completely outsourced, and we can help connect you with appropriate industry professionals.

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